RestorEAZE University

Continuing Education
There are 3 avenues for continuing education available for full time RestorEAZE employees.  All fees and costs associated with training are covered by the company. 

Restoration Industry Training
These are trainings authorized by the IICRC that cover specific industry topics and can lead to advanced restoration industry credentials.
After 1 successful month on the job, a new employee will be eligible for the one-day Technician seminar. After successful completion, the employee will be eligible for a $0.25/hr raise*

After 3 successful months on the job, employees become eligible for more advanced IICRC trainings. We will pay for one multi-day seminar every 6 months.

The first three seminars will be basics of Water, Fire and Mold. After completing the 3 foundational courses, the employee may choose any electives or to follow any certification path. Successful completion of each course will lead to a $0.50/hr raise.

General Business Training
After 3 successful months, every employee is eligible for unlimited access to Pryor Training Seminars on any topic of their choosing. Pryor offers over 17,000 online courses and several certificate programs. Employees may take as many classes as they want on whatever topics they choose. RestorEAZE will pay the employees regular hourly rate for up to 8 hours of training every 6 months.

Tuition Reimbursement
After 3 successful months, every employee is eligible for tuition reimbursement for continuing education courses taken at CCV, River Valley Community College, or other similar schools. These classes can be on any subject the employee chooses, whether or not they relate directly to work at RestorEAZE.  We will reimburse for 1 class every 6 months.

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