The process of mold remediation

mold removal process

Why you should use a professional mold abatement company. Imagine coming home from vacation, the heat failed and a pipe froze up. This is how it looked for the owners of this townhouse in Hartford VT. Our professional restoration technicians understand that damage increases and restoration costs escalatethe longer you wait. If you try to […]

Mold removal facts

MOLD REMOVAL FACTS You need to take mold seriously, but it does not mean you need to rip your place apart. Reality Check: Mold is bad, but it is commonly mistaken for mildew in high-moisture-prone areas like showers and bathrooms. You can remove it with common cleaners found at your local store. To prevent it from returning, […]

What to do when you discover water coming in your home or business.

What to do when you discover water coming in your home or business. Time is not on your side!Act quickly but carefully. Call us immediately! Mold can start in 48 hours and toxins can become introduced to the water in hours. Do not enter standing water if the power is on in the area. First […]

Common causes of water damage in the northeast.

Common causes of water damage in the Northeast. Simple steps can save you thousands in repair costs from preventable water damages. In the face of unexpected disasters such as fire, water, or mold damage, time is of the essence. Every minute counts, as damage escalates rapidly, leading to increased costs and complications if not addressed […]

How to prevent additional damage after a fire.

How to prevent additional damage after a fire After a fire you have a fiduciary responsibility to prevent additional damage to your property. After a fire, you need to secure the premises. A fire is a traumatic event. It can be emotionally overwhelming and devastating to your property. But, you have a responsibly to mitigate […]

What to do when you have had a fire.

What to do after a fire. TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE TO ACHIEVING A COMPLETE RESTORATION. SMOKE DAMAGE WILL PERMIATE NON FIRE DAMAGED AREAS IN HOURS. In the wake of a fire that has covered homes with smoke and ash, it’s important to begin cleanup as soon as possible to prevent permanent damage or discoloration from […]