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mold cleanup

You need to take mold seriously,
but it does not mean you need to rip your place apart.

Reality Check:
Mold is bad, but it is commonly mistaken for mildew in high-moisture-prone areas like showers and bathrooms. You can remove it with common cleaners found at your local store. To prevent it from returning, you need better ventilation in the space and should leave the door open after you shower or bathe.

Your cellar may have what looks like mold growing on the walls, but in reality, it may not be mold. If it is white and powdery and looks glistening, it is called efflorescence. It is totally harmless mineral salts that leach through the foundation due to excessive moisture, which is very common with the snow we get.

If you see mold and it is spreading, don’t wait; call us immediately before a quick fix becomes a major costly repair.

Within 48 hours, mold can grow in warm, moist environments. If it gets into the heating ducts and other areas, the cost rises exponentially.

When is it time to call in the pros?

– If you are selling or buying a home, and the inspector or appraiser thinks there is mold, they are not experts. You should call us to assess the situation. 
– If you have cleaned the mold off a wall or ceiling, and it comes back.
– If it is on the ceiling or walls other than in the bathroom where the space has low moisture.
– If you have had an area flooded by a broken pipe.
– If water has come into your building from a storm or flood.
– If a toilet overflowed on an upper floor or sewer backed up in your basement or first floor.
– If the area that is contaminated is larger than 10 square feet.

Our professional restoration technicians know that damage increases and restoration costs escalate the longer you wait.

Understanding the causes of mold and the proper way to remove it is easy to understand, but the work needed to remove it can be a challenge for DIYers.

Black Mold; the facts, not the fake news.
 The media loves a good story, and the more sensational it is, the better. The color of the mold is not the concern; it is the toxicity of the mold. To understand this, we need to know a few terms. Mycotoxins are molds that produce toxins, and they are known as Stachybotrys. Some black molds fall in this area, but so do white, orange, green, and red molds, to name a few. The facts are that the conditions that produce molds with mycotoxins are not known, and the color does not need to be black. An opportunistic company may play on your fears to upsell you on services that are not needed, like ripping apart your bathroom when the real issue is mildew, or it just needs to be cleaned, and the caulk removed and replaced.

When you need RestorEaze to take care of the problem

If the cause of the problem was water infiltration from a flood, broken pipe, sewer backup, or leaking tub or toilet above the ceiling, ice dam, and the area is larger than 10 feet square, then you should have it professionally removed. To get the issue covered by insurance, most policies require a certified mold abatement specialist like RestorEaze to resolve the issue. Do I need expensive testing? A simple rule of thumb is if you can see it, you need to remove it. Because the process of removal is the same for all types of mold, testing is not needed. But if it is found in areas that are not normally moist or has infiltrated the HVAC system, then it  may need to be tested if there are health concerns for persons who have respiratory issues. If you do not have a HEPA filtered vacuum and cannot rent an HEPA air scrubber, then it may be more affordable to have us do it.